Authentic Military Dog Tags for you and yours.
authentic military dog

• Customiized Authentic Military Dog Tags - Pet Uses :

  • has the most durable personalized Pet ID Tags available anywhere.  Stainless steel - matte, bright, black.  Solid Brass, pure copper and anodized aluminum in both red and gold colors are available.  We all love these Authentic Military Dog Tags for Pet IDentification and Name Tags.

  • Our embossed, easy to read rescue information tags are perfectly suited for all your pets.
•  Pet IDentification and Name Tags that your pets will appreciate

military dog tags
military dog tags military dog tags
military dog tags

Proudly Made in USA !
Proudly Made in USA !

military dog tags military dog tags

• CUSTOM PET ID NAME TAGS • personalizes the most durable pet name tags available anywhere.  Stainless steel - matte, bright, black. Solid Brass, pure copper and anodized aluminum in red and gold colors for your needs as safety alertness dog IDentification tags.

Easily IDentifiable dog collar tags are ID tags that will still be there for your pets and readable years after your purchase.  Up to six lines, more then any other pet I.D. tag available anywhere.  The medical symbol can even be embossed on your pet tags. 

Traveling ?   Put your motorhome License Plate Number on your pets tag !

Medical Symbol Embossing is certainly appropriate when your pet has special needs too.

Here are a few Samples:

Annodized Aluminum Gold

Anodized Aluminum Red

Solid Brass Tag

  • Pet ID Tags greatly increase your pets longevity with your family.

  • Function and Durability is the most important consideration when buying a pet ID tag.

  • You can pay less, but you can not buy a better customized metal ID tag for your dog or cat anywhere !

  • Provide and protect your loved ones with military style dog tags, the best choice for animal name tags, on the market today !  Has been ever since we went on-line in 1995 and created the huge market for military dog tags, as we know it to be today . . .

  • The best choice for pet ID tags today, are U.S. Military Dog Tags as Pet Tags !

  • Our official military dog tags are available to the general public and all branches of the U.S. Military in stainless steel, solid brass, pure copper or anodized aluminum.

  • Sorry, No Tin Tags, we do not use them, They Rust, and they are NOT made in the USA !

  • Note:  Rubber Silencers were designed for military wear, usually under a shirt.  They may not wear well on an outside pet.

The One-Hole Dog Tags use one of our 'S' Hook for attachment.
They are easily crimped onto traditional chain type collars or the leash ring.

The Two-Hole Dog Tags uses two of our Split-Rivets for attachment.
Attaches easily thru holes in flat leather or fabric strap collars and leashes.

A few more Samples:

One Hole Matte

Two Hole Matte

One Hole Matte

Some Popular Pet Names

  1. Jake
  2. Molly
  3. Buddy
  4. Bailey
  5. Max
  6. Sammie
  7. Maggie
  8. Nick
  9. Coco
  10. Spook
  1. Puddles
  2. Binx
  3. Muppy
  4. Mia Meow
  5. Waggles
  6. Tagalong
  7. Spotsie
  8. Turbo Cat
  9. Jabberjaws
  10. Hooter
  1. Cinnamon
  2. Nutmeg
  3. Java
  4. Mocha
  5. Cocoa
  6. Savory
  7. Kahlua
  8. Tabasco
  9. Ginger
  10. Honey
  1. Nestle
  2. Moon Pie
  3. Candy
  4. Noodles
  5. Bagle
  6. Cadbury
  7. Hershey
  8. Tortellini
  9. Fruitcake
  10. Chili
  1. Micah
  2. Onyx
  3. Duke
  4. Chinook
  5. Cinnabar
  6. Havana
  7. Indigo
  8. Catarina
  9. Alabaster
  10. Monet
  1. Mr. Crouton
  2. Flyswat
  3. Freebox
  4. Doo-Dah
  5. Jennyfur
  6. Kitty-Dog
  7. Spooker
  8. Butter & Jelly
  9. Doodle Poodle
  10. Carpediem
  1. Ivy
  2. Chamomile
  3. Daisy
  4. Buttercup
  5. Callalilly
  6. Aspen
  7. Cactus
  8. Sunflower
  9. Jasmine
  10. Blackberry
  1. Savage
  2. Banshee
  3. Danger Boy
  4. Diablo
  5. Twister
  6. Ferocious
  7. Capone
  8. Psycho
  9. Atilla
  10. Trouble
  1. Mummy
  2. Isis
  3. Lexus
  4. Tut
  5. Nephertitti
  6. Egypt
  7. Pharoah
  8. Sphinx
  9. Cleopatra
  10. Pearl
  1. Bonnie & Clyde
  2. Tigger & Eeyore
  3. Ben & Jerry
  4. Buster & Babs
  5. Thelma & Louise
  6. Gomez & Mortica
  7. Calvin & Hobbes
  8. Cagney & Lacey
  9. Rocky & Adrian
  10. Jack & Jill
  1. Venus
  2. Zeus
  3. Athena
  4. Apollo
  5. Hermes
  6. Zorro
  7. Elvis
  8. Caesar
  9. Delilah
  10. Zanzibar

You may be looking for small shaped Pet ID Tags.
Then visit our sister site for these selections:


All of these pet tags are engraved on both sides on anodized aluminum.
The pet name goes on the front and your information on the back side.
(No engraving on the back of the 2-hole tag or the slide-on tag.)

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military dog tags
military dog tags
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military dog tags military dog tags
authentic military dog
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authentic military dog
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military dog tags

military dog tags
military dog tags military dog tags
authentic military dog
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military dog tags
authentic military dog
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military dog tags
authentic military dog
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