Authentic Military Dog Tags for you and yours.
authentic military dog
• Personalized Authentic Military Dog Tags Generator :

Create your own Customized Dog Tags Here. 

Choose your Metal Type and Silencers, and edit the embossed text with our "Tag Generator".

You are creating a Kit of Metal Tags, Silencer and your choice of Chains - either a short, a long, or
one of each.  You can always select none in your Kit, if you wish.  View and add extra accessories here.

•  Please read the ordering instructions, before you begin designing your Military ID Tags.
military dog tags
military dog tags military dog tags
military dog tags

Proudly Made in USA !
Proudly Made in USA !

military dog tags military dog tags


Be sure to read all of these instructions before you order.
Our Ordering Page is recommended for tips and info too.

We try and represent fully, what your finished tag will look like here.  We use actual images of all of the components, and in the position and relationships that you will find when you recieve your tags.  Most sellers of dog tags do not offer 16 character lines, nor six line dog tags at all.  We do, because we know some of you have more to say on your tags.  We also go to the extra work to center vertically your content on the three, four and five line tags, and space the characters vertically a bit more to make it look good for you. 

You can also use this page to generate a simple Dog Tag order with no other items.  Just create your tag(s) and then select "None" for your Chains and Silencers.  Then go to our Accessories section to order Silencers, Chains or other Hardware.  Continual and Automatic Quantity Discounting will be applied in your Shopping Cart for all orders from this page.


You are ordering a "Dog Tag Kit".

A kit of components for a single tag design and lettering.  This is one tag, one metal type, one silencer and your chain(s) selection.  Your quantity selected is for how many of these kit components you wish to order.  The silencer and chains are only needed if you wish to have the same quantity added to this 'kit' for this single design

To order just a single tag, you only need to select the parts of what you want for this tag kit, and enter the total quantity of "1" of all parts selected.  You then get only '1' of each component selected.

If you order, say, five kits, then you will get five of everything you have selected.  If you wish to order additional Chains or Silencers, or need S-Hooks, or Key Rings, please visit our Accessories Page at any time to add them to your Order, in addition to what is in your kits..

If you want to order a "Military Set", then just do this:
• Enter up to 5 lines of text.
• Select s/s-matte metal, & black silencer.
• Select a long & short s/s Chain Pair.
• Enter a quantity of two.
You now have created a standard Military Set.
You may want to visit our page on military dog tag formatting.

For bulk ordering, you only need to select what you want, and enter your large quantity.  The bulk ordering quantity discount will be automatically applied when you add this kit to your cart.

You may order up to 99 different Dog Tag Kits of any quantity, on a single order.

Be sure to click [Add to Cart] or [Add and ViewCart] buttons below
to update your cart before clicking on any text link !

Creating your own Customized Dog Tags:

1. Add your info into the grey text fields below the tag image.
     Select or change the Line Formating at any time.  Use grey
     formatting buttons for automatic adjustments.  Indicate
     if you want us to adjust it for you, As Is, Best Look or Centered.

2. Select your Tag Metal.
     You may change these at any time and view results.

3. Select your Silencer color.
     You may change these at any time and view results.

4. Select any chains you may want for this kit. 
     Chain "pairs" selections will be split evenly in shorts and
     longs, so that multiple tag quantities will make correct "sets".

5. Be sure to enter the quantity of these kits you want.

View the Pricing Table below for your totals.  Totals do not
include volume discounting, view cart to see your savings.

Use A-Z, 0-9 and these special characters only:
  ! @ # $ & ( - ) : < , > .  

Mouse over any line with the symbol for more info. -->

1.  Edit Your Dog Tag Text below

2.  Click on Tag Metal
     and Silencer Icons

3.  Click to Select Chains
dog tag metal image
Click to redisplay Tag Display
 Line Format: 6
 Set Left   Move Right 
 Center All   Clear All 
(use spaces for minor changes)
Single Hole Tags

Med-Sym Tags

Two Hole Tags
Solid Brass


Click for Army Green Silencer Click for Special Forces Black Silencer Click for Forest Green Silencer
Click for Day Glow Orange Silencer Click for Day Glow Yellow Silencer Click for Royal Blue Silencer
Click for Medical Red Silencer
No Chains Each:

(Order fancy chains on our Accessories page)
Continuous Discount Pricing applies.
As IsBest LookCenter All
4.  Enter Quantity
      for this Tag Kit

  (The quantity of everything.)

Tag Text Content Items Item Description Qty Each SubTotal
Creating Tag Kit Number:   Dog Tag Kit(s)   Tag Kit Total:   
All prices are standard pricing.  Quantity discounts are calculated in the Shopping Cart.
military dog tags
military dog tags
Secure Processing

Secure Ordering
military dog tags military dog tags

authentic military dog
  Mouseover the buttons below for explanation of what they will do for you.
WARNING!   Don't use your Back button on web page forms.
You may lose the information needed when navigating.
military dog tags

Very Important You Read This!

The term 'kit' does not infer that everything is always
automatically included, but only what you place in your cart.

  • If you enter 1 in Quantity of tags, you will get one tag.
  • If you also select a silencer, you will also get 1 silencer.
  • If you select chains, you will also get one of those in your 'kit'.

That is one each of only what you have selected.  Change
the quantity to, say 2, and you will then get 2 tags, 2 silencers
and 2 chains in this kit only if you have selected them here.

Check your order carefully before you submit it, to
be sure that you have ordered everything you need.

Click here to indicate you have read and understand this.

military dog tags
military dog tags military dog tags
authentic military dog
Call 928.635.4774 for information OR to place phone orders.
If you're ordering from outside United States and Canada, call or order here.  
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military dog tags
authentic military dog
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military dog tags
authentic military dog
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